Aden and Security Process 1995-2000 [Archives:2001/04/Local News]

January 22 2001

The Security Department in Aden governorate published a documentary book concerning what has been achieved regarding security in Aden over the last five years. The book was the result of many efforts exerted by security men to record the issue of security. The 300-page book includes three sections each one including several chapters. The book reveals statistics about the crime rate from 1995 reaching 2726 and from the year 1999 reaching 2274, showing an annual decrease of 4.4%.
The book also includes information about the explosions and bombing incidents taking place during this time and also contains pictures of the victims of these incidents and the tools used in these crimes and seized by security men with the convicted. The explosion incidents in 1995 were 14 , in 1996 were 13, in 1997 were 15, in 1998 were 32 and in 1999 were 14.
There were also more than 94 cases of deliberate murder while there were 140 deaths due to these incidents and 3139 injuries. The second section includes 6 chapters revealing what was achieved through these security measures during the five years.