Aden Comes to Life as [Archives:1997/46/Front Page]

November 17 1997

Winter Capital:
President Saleh to Push Free ZonePresident Ali Abdullah Saleh, freshly back from his successful visit to the United Kingdom, will be going south to spend about six weeks in Aden, the country’s winter capital. The cabinet also plans to hold some meetings in Aden. This is part of the concept of using Aden as a winter capital. Sources close to the President told the Yemen Times that he intends to vigorously support the Aden Free Zone (AFZ) operations. He believes it is time the AFZ should come to life, given the many years that have passed in preparation for the real launch of the effort. The President also intends to have a first-hand look at the reasons behind the 15 bomb explosions and other anti-state operations that have all centered in Aden. As a gesture of good will, the President plans to order extra-budgetary projects for the city.