Aden Container Port witnesses increased activity [Archives:2002/35/Local News]

August 26 2002

Container port of Aden has witnessed a considerable increase in activity on a number of the navigation lines bound for the Aden Harbor, which is used as a start-up to different international harbors.
During the last month, gigantic tankers such as, Kota Berani, which belongs to international companies in Liberia coming from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia anchored at the Aden port.
Around 3200 containers were unloaded and at the same time 1320 export containers were loaded heading to the Karachi harbor in Pakistan and East Asia.
During the same period the bulk tanker, Apple Costatica from Greece anchored at the port of Aden coming from Colombo.
A navigation source at the Container terminal said that the tanker has operated within the framework of the American navigation line which is linked to European harbors, Southern American harbors and the Terminal Container in Aden.
Around 4777 containers of different sizes were unloaded and 4344 of transit containers were loaded.
It is expected that the number of the terminal containers that have been and will be loaded on the wharf of the terminal containers starting from operating the port till the end of the current year have reached one million and a half containers.
Statistics have indicated that the number of the terminal containers during the first half of 2002 has reached 931002 containers of different sizes.
During the same period of this year, around 2059 big tankers have anchored at the container terminal from the neighboring and international harbors.
The container port, since its operation could attract a number of international navigation lines, which enables it to receive a number of bulk tankers.