Aden Cultural and Sports Festival concluded [Archives:2004/758/Local News]

July 26 2004

ADEN- The activities of the first cultural and sports festival organized by the National Womens Committee, Aden were wrapped up Wednesday, July 21st. Huge crowds filled the parade square in khurmaksar district at the conclusion of the festival organized by the National Woman Committee, Aden, and the Aden Woman and Child For Culture and Sports.
Governor of Aden Dr. Yahya Al-Sha'ibi delivered a speech at the occasion. “The festival is an indication of the significant role of Yemeni women in social and economic activities, and a proof of her ability to contribute to disseminating humane folklore and cultural heritage,” said he.
He stated that the high status of the Yemeni woman and her key contribution to development, and emphasized the support for women of the governorate leadership.
He praised the civilized and aesthetic touches of the festival, and those who organized the festival including heads of sports, child, dance, and song performances, and directors of NGOs.
The festival featured a photo show on the city of Aden depicting signs of civilizations up until the recent age, and others on traditional Yemeni kitchen tools, folk heritage, and traditionally popular games. The festival included a display made by male and female youths, and an exhibition of products of local societies.
The concluding ceremony was attended by Staff Colonel Abdullah Qairan, Dr. Ghazi Mahfoodh, Mohammed Abdu Al-Sheikh, men of distinction, and a great crowd of people, all of whom expressed their admiration of the festival.