Aden experiences strong winds and sandstorms [Archives:2007/1069/Local News]

July 19 2007

ADEN, July 17 ) The city of Aden along with southern governorates Lahj, Abyan and Shabwa experienced strong winds and sandstorms accompanied by high temperatures, with severe structural damage pummeling the city of Aden. Trees and cottages in the coastal areas of Abyan governorate were uprooted. A significant number of livestock were killed. The winds also caused electrical outages in Lahj and Abyan governorates, resulting from the uprooting of trees and dislocation of billboards.

Citizens expressed fear due to the unusual strength of the wind. A local food supplier said that the winds that Aden governorate witnessed this year are stronger than in previous years. He further stated, “We, as food suppliers, were disadvantaged more than anyone else. The number of shopping customers is less than usual. This is attributed to the winds and sands. The frozen foodstuffs perished due to the outage of the electric current.”

One of the residents of Al-Memdara in Aden said that the winds uprooted his cottage more than once. Homes made from hay located in poorer areas suffered the most severe damage and owners demanded that the authorities tend to such areas.

Ma'n As-Saiyad, member of the local council in Craiter city said that locals did not expect the winds to be as stronger this year. The fishing season suffered damages in Sirra district, causing gross economic setbacks resultant in an increase in the price of fish to the extent that one kilo costs as much as 1400 Yemeni riyals.

As-Saiyad also revealed that the local authorities prevented fishermen from the sea because of the threat high waves posed to their lives.

The coast guard also prevented citizens from approaching the sea due to the water current, which claimed the lives of more than six people during recent months. As-Saiyad went on to say that the governor directed officials in the districts to report losses and damages caused to those districts in Aden governorate.