Aden governor, Dr. Yihya Al-Shuabi:Number of state installations visited [Archives:2003/651/Local News]

July 17 2003

ADEN_ Last Saturday Dr. Yihya Al-Shuabi governor of Aden paid a number of visits to various state offices and installations in the governorary. Accompanied with by Mr. Abdulkareem Shaef vice governor and Mr. Ahmed Al-Dhulai Deputy Assistant Dr. Al-Shaibi started his tour by visiting the general body for standards and measurements and quality management and listened to Dr. Najeeb Qadar general manager of the body as he explained the processes there. Following that he visited the Power Supply Establishment where he met Eng. Abdulaziz Mohammed Ahmed general manager who in turn brief Dr. Al-Shaibi about the performance and achievements of the establishment.
In the same day Dr. Al-Shaibi visited the Central Bank of Yemen and visited the various departments and procedures especially concerning the salaries of the government staff. The Yemen National Bank was the next stop in the tour and there was Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Kuhali head of the administration board received the visitors and indicated the procedures and policies the bank has taken to activate and nourish the bank's activities. Insurance and reinsurance company had its share of the tour and Mr. Abubakr Salem Al-Qty general manager explained the way things work and the efforts and difficulties the company is facing in order to deliver good services to its clients.
Finally the group visited General Administration for alms tax where he appreciated the efforts taken and the progress that has happened in the administration especially with the significant increase in the alms income. Dr. Al-Shaibi was accompanied also by Mr. Ahmed Ali Saeed General Manager of Seera district and the administration board at the district.