Aden governor inaugurates International Book Fair [Archives:2006/933/Local News]

March 30 2006

ADEN, March 28 ) On Monday, Aden Governor Ahmad Mohamed Al-Kuhlani opened the International Book Fair being staged at the Aden Mall Trade Center.

The fair is being organized by the General Book Authority (GBA) in cooperation with the Book Friends Forum, Al-Ghanem Foundation and the International Exhibition.

During his visit to the fair, Al-Kuhlani said the current event is associated not only with exhibiting books; rather, it concerns several companies providing new computer software and other equipment. He hoped all citizens would visit and benefit from the fair, which includes local and foreign publishers merchandizing more than 17,000 book titles in various areas.

The governor emphasized that the fair will be held annually in Aden.

The event is being staged as part of GBA interests to provide youths with books, information and modern means of knowledge, particularly software, merchandized for the first time in the city.

The GBA Aden-Lahj-Abyan branch manager confirmed that it will hold symposiums on various subjects, including a paper on the saying, “The End of History.” Symposiums also will be devoted to reading techniques, reading Yemeni poems, children's culture, moderation in Islam, history of books and libraries in Aden, as well as history of song in Aden.

Gov. Al-Kuhlani paid a survey visit to the National Library in Kraiter and toured its sections including the library's internal information network. He appreciated the role the National Library plays in providing numerous means of knowledge.

The governor stated that he will help library staff overcome any difficulties they face and contribute in rehabilitating the library. Al-Kuhlani also visited Al-Eklil Al-Jadeed Library, touring its wings, viewing its contents and praising its improvement and modern organization.