Aden governor met with media representatives [Archives:2003/640/Community]

June 9 2003

ADEN_ The Aden governor, Dr. Yahya Ashoa'bi, met last Saturday with official and independent representatives.
In order to promote the relations of the media and the civil society organizations, a joint mechanism to cover Aden's activities and news was dealt by the participants. The meeting is considered very significant since it is the first one since his appointment as governor of the Aden governorate.
The objective of the meeting was to listen to opinions, comments, and to review issues that have links to media institutions.
A speech was given by the governor, focusing attention on the difficulties and worries faced by journalists and media representatives.
The meeting was attended by a host of media men, independent and official representatives, and the Mr. Nabil Ali Ghleb, the media representatives at the governorate.