Aden governorhighlights several issues [Archives:2003/669/Local News]

September 18 2003

Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
Aden, Sept, 16_ Aden Governor Dr. Yahya Mohammed Ashoaibi. held on September 13 a press conference at Aden governorate building attended by a host of local and foreign media correspondents. The press conference was held on the occasion of the governorate's preparations for celebrating the Yemeni September and October revolutions festivals.
At the beginning the governor said the occasion would have a special stamp especially that the festivals on 26 September would be patronized by president Ali Abdulla Saleh, pointing out that a number of public services projects would be inaugurated and others to lay their foundation stones.
“Aden is gifted with investment potentials and attractive tourist sites which will restore Aden to its prestigious position as a commercial and economic capital of the republic,” Dr Ashoaibi remarked.
Responding to a question on lands problem, the governor Dr. Ashoaibi said: “Seized lands have been specified and that work on those lands have been suspended, despite of issuing permits. Such cases are to be tackled; meetings with the land usurpers have been held and are to be referred to prosecution,” he noted.
Concerning the public security in the city of Aden, the Aden governor confirmed that Aden is one of the safest spots in Yemen. “If you see me accompanied by escorts, you have to know that security is not available in Aden,”
A focus of attention on Aden harbor was also highlighted by Dr. Ashoaibi. He remarked that the Aden harbor had been negatively affected by the explosion of the French oil super tanker, Limburg as a result of insurance increase on ships coming to Yemen. This has made ships refrain from frequenting the harbor at the rate of 50 percent. But the state has exerted its efforts to reduce the insurance fees. This of course will restore the harbor its movement and also attract new navigation lines.
As for the city's cleanliness and its improvement, the governor said those efforts and preparations are underway to beautify the city, repair roads as well as rendering development services.
As for investment in Aden, the governor of Aden said that investment was slow in the past and all this can be attributed to the 1994 civil war. Investors were not able to continue investing their capitals.
The investment climate in Aden is available and investors have been given serious initiation to invest their capitals otherwise the plots of land allotted for investment would be withdrawn from them.