Aden journalists, pressmen discuss journalism draft law [Archives:2005/853/Local News]

June 23 2005

Marking the Yemeni Journalism Day, the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate's Aden Office organized a group discussion on the journalism draft law prepared by the Ministry of Information.

At the beginning of the discussion, which was managed by lawyer Raqiah Humaidan, Watheq al-Shatheli, they welcomed the attendants and said it is crucial that journalists discuss the press draft in order to know its plus and minus points.

Raqiah Humaidan presented a number of remarks on the new draft, pointing out a number of breaches in the provisions and called for reinforcement of journalists' freedom and independence.

Later, discussion was opened and journalists and pressmen gave vent to their remarks and suggestions regarding the draft, recommending that the YJS as well as the concerned sides be involved in the discussion of the draft before it is submitted to the Parliament.

A committee was set up to compile the remarks on the draft and submit them on behalf of Aden journalists to the YJS leadership and the Ministry of Information to be integrated in the draft law.