Aden Port to be Dredged [Archives:1998/03/Local News]

January 19 1998

As part of the first stage of the port development which is due to be completed in 1999, the dredging operations of the northern part of the Free Port of Aden will start within the next few days. The process will include dredging the sea area next to two platforms, 16m deep, and widening “turnaround” canal. According to the Director-General of the Aden Port Authority, Dr. Nooruldeen Fakhri, the dredging operations will be conducted by a Dutch dredger, the third largest in the world, which arrived in the port a few days ago. Last year’s port development activities included dredging the island and the turnaround canal, “filling” the island, connecting it with the mainland, and equipping it with modern facilities according in international standards observed in world-famous free ports. The second stage of the port development will follow on the footsteps of the first stage in 1999. Dredging will be 6m deep for each platform. “The Aden Free Port will be fully equipped and ready to receive giant ships and ocean liners,” announced Dr. Fakhri.