Aden Refineries Inaugurate New Projects [Archives:2001/40/Local News]

October 1 2001

On the occasion of celebrating the 26 September Revolution, Mr. Taha Ahmed Ghanem, Governor of Aden, Mr. Fathi Salem, Executive Manager of Aden Refineries and Yusif Quleqal Deputy-Manager of Aden Refineries inaugurated the liquefied gas store complex, which consists of ten stores with storage capacity of 1500 metric tons of liquefied gas, costing $560 million US. Similarly, a park and children’s playgrounds were inaugurated in Little Aden costing YR 50 million. Al-Buraeqa shore, funded by Aden Refineries, was also inaugurated, costing YR 65 million.
Fathi Salm the Executive Manger of Aden Refineries said that gas investment projects have been presented to the cabinet for approval, including a project to upgrade the refineries through self-funding. The first phase of the planned project will cost USD 10 million, the second phase USD 50 million and the third phase USD 8 million. After completing these projects, Aden Refineries will become one of the best oil refineries worldwide and will also be able to compete with the other refineries due to its strategic location. As far as liquefied gas is concerned, Mr. Fathi said that these projects are very important and aim at expanding the exporting capacity to 4000 tons on a daily basis.