Aden refinery to increase refining Production to 5 million tons [Archives:2005/895/Local News]

November 17 2005

Aden – Nov. 10 – Aden refinery is expected to increase its annual production to over 5 million metric tons by the end of 2005. The production will constitute different types of petroleum products that will exceed last year's production rate by one million tons.

An administrative announcement said that the daily production increased to 120 thousand barrels per day comparing to 90 thousand barrels pair day last year. This increase followed the recent maintenance scheme of refining production units, through which technical maintenance teams have finished their work in the four main anchorages of the refinery port, whose depth is about 15.5 meters resulting in the increased refining capacity.

Aden refinery is one of the oldest refineries in the region. It was built by the British BP company in 1952 and started production in 1954. The Yemeni government acquired ownership of the refinery through a peaceful settlement in 1977.