Aden to learn from Shanghai’s example [Archives:2004/795/Business & Economy]

December 2 2004

YT Aden Bureau
A delegation headed by Dr Yahya al-Shu'aibi, Governor of Aden concluded a 5-day visit to China on 25 November, during which a memorandum of cooperation was signed with their Chinese counterparts headed by Mayor of Shanghai. The agreement would pave the way for Aden's governorate to learn from the successful achievements of the Chinese city that is considered a world-class industrial zone. The memorandum of cooperation facilitates the exchange of visits and experiences in the field of development of local councils and economic and commercial cooperation in the field of civil planning, cleaning, environment services, and other issues.
The governor of Aden praised the level of sophisticated technological and administrative advancement of Shanghai in particular and of China in general, and expressed willingness to cooperate and benefit from the Chinese experience in municipality-related development.
Among the major fields of potential sharing of experience was the Shanghai Free Zone, which is seen as a successful model of global marketing in creating a competitive trading hub in the region. The governor noted that Aden Free Zone authority could learn from such a successful example.
The governor and his delegation also met with a number of officials of the local Parliament and toured one of the oldest universities of Shanghai, which considers education one of its most important priorities.
The Yemeni delegation company was formed of Waheed Rasheed, Deputy governor, Engineer Qaid Rashed, Executive General Director of Cleaning and Aden Improvement Fund, and Yazan Sultan Naji, Head of Financial Development and Planning Department of the Local Council.