Aden University hosts German day [Archives:2006/941/Local News]

April 27 2006

SANA'A, April 26 ) As part of Aden University's German day functions, a meeting was held at Ibn Khaldon Hall in Khor Makasar, Aden in the Faculty of Arts to promote Yemeni-German cultural, commercial and economic relations. The university organized the day in cooperation with the German Cultural Center and the German Graduates Society.

The program included a number of cultural, scientific and cinematic programs, with speeches given at the morning session. At a German cultural function, Dr. Ahmed Ali Thabit reviewed a synopsis of German poet Fredrick Sheller and some of his poems were read. Dr. Judith Spatter, DAAD representative in Yemen, gave a speech reviewing prospects to study and research in Germany.

A function also was held in which some graduates' viewpoints and impressions were reviewed. Booklets on academic exchange, German housing in Sana'a and the German cultural attache in the German Embassy in Sana'a were on display, as well as defining booklets about the German Fredrick Elbert establishment. For football fans, a film about football was shown.

Evening activities included an interview with Spatter, who reviewed preliminary experiences of German language teaching by Christopher Peck.