Aden University to host 2nd Arab Forum [Archives:2003/665/Local News]

September 4 2003

Aden, 2 September – Organized by the Arab Organization for Administrative Development, Aden University is to host the 2nd Arab Forum during 22-24 September in coordination with the Higher Education and Scientific Research Ministry.
Prominent professors representing a number of Arab countries are to take part in the forum, and those include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, and Sultanate of Oman.
The forum deals with three scientific areas on managing universities, challenges and the role of the Arab universities in development as well as criteria and education qualities of university education.
The forum also aims at reviewing and analyzing the cultural and technological challenges faced by education and making efforts to discuss the role of Arab universities in effectuating a comprehensive development as well as enhancing and supporting scientific research.
The significance of the forum stems from the leading role played by the academic and educational institutions in rehabilitating human resources under the rapid technological changes. The forum aims to stress that universities' role isn't restricted to education, but also greatly contributes to promoting a comprehensive development in university education.
Observers believe that amid rapid global changes represented by the economical blocs, international agreements, intense competitions and meeting market's demands, it has become a necessity for Arab institutions in general and the academic scientific institutions in particular to cope with the new era.