Adens beach: a gift that needs care [Archives:2002/08/Culture]

February 18 2002

By: Saleh Abulbaki
Cultural Editor
Yemen is a country endowed with so many ancient gifts, we need to be careful not to let them deteriorate.
Look, for example, at Adens beaches.
Aden, with its magnificent shores and coastline, attracts tourists from all over the world. They want to see the beauty of a piece of heaven manifested so nicely on earth in one of the most ancient civilizations.
Aden has the most pleasant beaches in Yemen and they have what every real estate expert knows is the key to good land: a strategic location.
Among the important beaches located in Aden is the Golden Beach in al-Towahi, Masheeq in Crater, al-Ghadeer in al-Boraika and Abyan, Its the largest, and among the most beautiful beaches in Yemen.
People spend their holidays during Eid festivals and summer vacations in these beaches, for sunbathing or convalescence.
Unfortunately, the conditions of these beaches are deteriorating, and theyre losing their sparkle because of thoughtless construction along the beach.
Were even seeing heaps of sand now scattered along the beaches, dirtying the clean image of Aden City.
This has hurt the tourism industry in Yemen in general, and Aden in particular.
Improvement needed
Our hope is to improve the beaches of Aden.
Foreigners are naturally attracted to Yemen because it has two seas, the Arab Sea and the Red Sea, so close.
The city of Aden is also attractive for its natural features. On a rocky peninsula linked to the land by a sandy area, Aden is beautifully surrounded by a number of islands. The biggest one being Saira on the north.
Aden has also been attractive as a vital port city that played an important role in culture involving Yemen and other nations. Its strategic location has linked other countries of the world, which has richly contributed to its growth in trade and commerce.
In addition to its important location it has now an international anchorage built as per the state-of-the-art modern technology and is provided with the latest new equipment.
It has a tremendous heritage.
As a commercial and industrial capital, Aden should be the mirror of Yemen. We should work hand in hand to encourage investment in this fine natural gift, so we can have health in tourism, industry, trade and in all aspects of life.