Aden’s clubs and tourist sites inspected [Archives:2002/47/Local News]

November 18 2002

ADEN-During his visit to the Aden governorate last week, President Ali Abdullah Saleh gave his clear orders to form a special committee to operate during the holy month of Ramadhan in investigating any clubs or tourist sites that may be breaking the law by offering illegal drinks or means of prostitution. The President ordered the general attorney to investigate and if needed close any clubs or hotels that violate the law and also bring those responsible to justice.
Security sources at Aden governorate said that the campaign is underway and is targeting all tourist resorts, hotels, and clubs that are suspected of involvement in unethical practices. “We have already closed down a hotel and a club a few days ago and our mission is going on smoothly,” a source at the security forces of Aden said.
The Aden governorate represented by its governor and the security administration has expressed its desire to limit any incidents that could damage Aden’s reputation.