Adhban Awarded Medal of Japanese Emperor [Archives:2001/52/Local News]

December 24 2001

Mr. Mohamed Adhban, Chairman of the Adhban Establishments was presented with the medal of honor of the Japanese Emperor yesterday at the house of the Japanese Ambassador in Sanaa.
Hence, Mr. Adhban has become the first ever Yemeni to be presented with such a prestigious trophy, and has also become the 19th person in the world to be given this honor.
The medal was presented to Mr. Adhban by H.E. the Japanese Ambassador to Yemen, Mr. Masamitsu Oki, who expressed his delight in presenting the medal to Mr. Adhban for his role in promoting Yemeni-Japanese relations on various levels throughout the years.
Among the guests attending the ceremony were several Ambassadors and diplomats, along with many high-ranking officials and other prominent personalities.
Adhban has been a pioneer figure in supporting the Yemeni-Japanese relationship by various means economically and socially. He is the head of the Yemen-Japanese Friendship Association and has contributed thoroughly to the relationship between the two countries by representing tens of Japanese agencies in Yemen and helping bring developmental assistance from Japan to Yemen.