Administrative Assessment of Yemeni Universities Symposium Held [Archives:2002/05/Local News]

January 28 2002

The University of Taiz organized a symposium on the administrative assessment of the Yemeni universities last week. The two-day event focused on the future reality of the university education, its problems, and its solutions. Dr. Hassan al-Eriani delivered a speech calling for the necessity of universities’ independence financially and administratively.
In the same context, Dr. Ali al-Mekhlafi, Vice Rector of Taiz University, criticized the condition of the Yemeni universities. “The mission of the Yemeni universities has been weakened in the process of national development, staying away of the social context. Its mission is confined to teaching only, disregarding the two other main parts: scientific research and serving the community,” he said.
In a statement to the Yemen Times the Rector of the University said the symposium discussed the main issues faced by the university from different standpoints administratively, legally, and financially. They also discussed the assessment function of academic aspect, updating methodological systems, and the pedagogical means.