Adoption of sufficient Strategy and active action plan [Archives:2002/37/Business & Economy]

September 9 2002

The Capital Secretariat Chamber of commerce & Industry (CSCCI) lies at the triangular corner of al-Hasaba St. and Mazda St. near the residence of the permanent committee of the General People’s Congress, possessed its own 3-story building surrounded by quite large premises. Due its central, unique and significant location at the heart of Sana’a city being the largest and first trade-center over Rep. Of Yemen, and also population specifically and increasingly condensed and inhabited. CSCCI has roughly 16500 members including the most prestigious, renowned, well-known and leading public figures of Yemeni businessmen and first-class companies and corporations.
Enhancement of CSCCI’s dedicated activities:
By the sincere efforts of exerted by its board of directors headed by Sheikh /Abdul Wahab Sinan Abu Lohoom, chairman, Mohammed Mohammed Salah, vice-chairman of trading sector and Mr. Abdul Wahab Thabit, vice-chairman of industrial sector, and also in support and collaboration of rest of its board members elected later on, as well as CSCCI’s friendly, active, reliable and motivated members engaged in various domains of business environment. CSCCI became the most effective, reliable and sufficient body, and the mouthpiece of the private sector in Yemen in general and particularly in Sana’a city-the Capital Secretariat.
In fact, CSCCI occupied such high stage and position in accordance with its trustworthy activities and location as well. It established skillfully privileged relationships with many NGOs and NGOs, locally, regionally and internationally. Besides, it tries its best to create close cooperation and excellent understanding between private sector and government sector through motivation, mass communication means and also relevant participation in different events and rallies, with sense of good wisdom and rational manners that distinguished it from others.
A short while ago, sales tax bill /law prepared and issued recently was about to be applicable and implemented, regardless all its suppressive, unfair, paradoxical parts, articles & rules and discrepancies with institution. With no due consideration and forecasting visions that this bill/law to clarify that this bill/law will cripple, destroy, impede investment and will strongly & comprehensively impact and damage economy as this can never be applicable in any of the third world countries such as Yemen, of poor economy and increasing population with prevailing unemployment and destructive poverty.
All these are real and absolute outcomes of variable points of view field, scientific & feasibility studies made, surveys and questionnaires conducted, and seminars & meetings held, discussions, debates & negotiations taken place all over Yemen in general, and done by CSCCI along with Yemeni Industrialists Association, in cooperation with so many other governorate chambers of Commerce and industry for instance Hodeidah & Taiz chambers, and in participation of a very massive array of honorable and sincere businessmen.
On its part, CSCCI played an effective and satisfactory role by its upholding, supporting and advocating stance, through its nomination and assignment of its consultative committee involved highly qualified, specialized and experienced legal consultants to struggle against this bill/law.
After that, a letter was officially addressed to our friendly and cordial president Ali Abdullah Saleh, who postponed this bill/law for one year proving his usual and stable stance closely side by side with his people in such disasters and dilemmas.
So, thank you very much for our beloved president.
Since a very long period, CSCCI has been launching its wide-ranging and large-scale activities to expand, develop, improve and promote all the possibly aspects of close cooperation, relevant coordination and business relations with all friendly Arab countries including Gulf-region countries towards potentially of creating and finding Arab joint and corporate market.
Future, it started to establish excellent close relationships with most of Arab states’ chambers and trade centers.
Over and above, CSCCI takes over and holds the responsibility of providence and procurement of relevant information relating to the growth of the private sector and it enjoys a complete dissemination strategy among its members and affiliates aiming at enlightenment and simplification of objectives’ achievement as well as to keep them in touch and constant contact with their brotherly Arab counterparts.
At the same time, CSCCI has its excellent and fruitful strategy and action plan to establish long-term close cooperation with its counterparts worldwide.
Therefore, globally we mostly receive missions, delegations and exchange visits continuously with may foreign chambers of commerce and industry and other trading centers.
Our ultimate findings procured were complying with requirements and tangible needs. Many protocols and agreements of cooperation and coordination signed with many worldwide chambers such as south Korea…etc.
Finally, we can shortly brief our chamber of commerce & industry new action plan to include the following:
1-Re-qualification of its executive body and staff.
2-Providing training courses for its staff and personnel on computer science, languages and internet.
3-Verification of potentiality specialized experts and consultants from abroad to give lectures on management, marketing, sales, distribution and promotion strategies for its members. This is to be done and arranged by CSCCI in cooperation with Netherlands Management Cooperation Program through its country representative Mr. Abdullah al-Robaidi.
4-Updating computer network to reach modernization.
5-Issue specialized booklets and pamphlets as trade and industrial directories such as Exhibitions, job opportunities, various sectors of business for instance tourism, foodstuff, information technology, electronics, power stations, transportation…etc.