After a series of threatsYJS demands protection of al-Nihar Newspaper [Archives:2005/853/Front Page]

June 23 2005

SANA'A- June 21- A press release issued by al-Nihar Newspaper affirmed that the newspaper is usually threatened along with its staff by a group of people who are said to be followers of Sheikh Mohammad Ahmad Mansour from al-Ja'ashin and a MP.

Sheikh Mansour sued a legal action against al-Nihar Newspaper over publishing reports harming his reputation and mentioning the oppression and tyranny he practices on his locals. The case was filed to the South Capital Court a few days ago.

The press release emphasized that Sheikh Mansour arrived on Tuesday with a group of armed men to the office of al-Nihar Newspaper and threatened to storm its office and attack its editorial staff.

The press release mentioned the Sheikh's visit coincided with telephone calls threatening to break into the newspaper's office and beat its editors.

The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) claimed the Minister of Interior in a statement to take prompt and serious procedures to protect al-Nihar editors from repeated threats by some of Sheikh Mohammad Mansour followers.

The YJS expressed its concern over the situation of Yemeni journalists who are subjected to threats and attacks, the last of which took place last Tuesday.

The YJS hold the Ministry of Interior accountable for the protection of al-Nihar's editors and office and sent a copy of its statement to the Attorney General to investigate such tragic developments that violate the Yemeni judiciary.