After an 86% Passing Rate in the 1998/99 Exams High School Results are Out. Where to Next? [Archives:1999/31/Front Page]

August 2 1999

As the Ministry of Education announced on the 27th of August 1999, “out of 116,556 students, who took the 1998/99 High School Exams, 86,500 students became eligible for graduation.” This means that more than 86% will have graduated this year. There were 12,146 absent and 12,000 students were refused entry to the exams. 
In a press conference held by the Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Abdulmalik Al-Mu’alami in the Research and Education Development Center, he indicated that there were many cases of violations, cheating, and faking during the preparatory stages for the exams. 
On the other hand, for the students, the problem is different. Even after knowing the results, and after enjoying the moments of success, students will now have to cope with an uncertain future. Among the problems they face are: the high fees of Sanaa University and the other private institutions of higher education, which many are unable to afford, the inability to find jobs as high school graduates, the difficulty of access to technical and vocational training and having to face administrative procedures for delaying or waiving the military draft and the educational service requirements, or else serve them with pay that will not be sufficient to subsist on, if they get paid at all! Then comes the biggest problem, which arises when graduating from these universities and looking for a decent job. For sure, this will not be an easy task.