After Mysteriously Disappearing in Northern Ireland Where in Earth is Abdulrahman Abdulaziz? [Archives:1999/14/Sports]

April 5 1999

Abdulrahman Abdulaziz is one of the best Yemeni athletes ever, and he is well known at an international level in the field Marathon Races. His latest achievement was earning a gold medal in the Arab Athletic Championship 99 held in Syria last year. No one denies that Abdulrahman Abdulaziz is one of the most talented and promising figures in the field of Athletics. In spite of the insufficient support and care given to him by his country, he has proved to be a mature athlete and a true lover of long distance running. He achieved his mastery in running without the assistance of any coaches, relying solely on his own training. 
In his latest event, Abdulrahman was among the national team, which went to participate in the World Championship Marathon in Northern Ireland on 28th of March, 99. However, Abdulrahman didn’t return to his homeland with the rest of the team. He disappeared in Belfast under mysterious conditions, and there are no clues to his whereabouts. 
Did Abdulrahman find an opportunity to join another country that realized his potential in the marathon? Or did he decide to stay in Belfast in order to find better support from other countries, after his own country ignored him and refused to back him? There are many possibilities, especially considering the interview Yemen Times filed some time ago, when he mentioned that there were times he couldn’t get enough food to eat. He also expressed his disappointment in the small sum he received from the Ministry of Sports, which was not enough to live on. In spite of the many youth supporting associations, and financial resources that were available, he was given next to nothing. 
Whatever the reason for his disappearance, we lost one of our most promising athletes, who could have done a lot for Yemen if he had been given the chance. It is unfortunate that Abdulrahman is only one of hundreds of talented sportsmen who sometimes sleep without dinner. This is a bad sign for the country, and for the Ministry of Sports in particular, which should review its strategies and methods before we lose more of the likes of the champion Abdulrahman.