After reaching record sales among all Yemeni magazinesNew “Family” magazine fascinates readers [Archives:2004/738/Last Page]

May 17 2004

After achieving record sales in the Yemeni market, the “Family & development” magazine published by the Yemen Times Establishment for printing and publishing issued the latest and fifth edition that included various new reports and stories that were carried out based on popular opinion and public demand.
The newly released edition is distinct in its design and printing quality, which is expected to fascinate readers who now compare it to other popular Gulf magazines.
“We are proud to have reached this level of readership and popularity in such a record time. We have become the most widely read Yemeni family magazine, and are committed to develop it further to rise to our readers and advertisers satisfaction.” said the magazine's Editor-in-Chief Imad Al-Saqqaf.
It is worth noting that the Taiz-based magazine has become the most widely read Yemeni Arabic family magazine and is now being sold widely though the country with readers from the various segments of the Yemeni society.