After several attempts to assassinate him: Important Yemeni Official Seeks Political Asylum in a Western Country [Archives:2000/11/Front Page]

March 13 2000

The Yemen Times has learned that Judge Salim Al-Sheiba, Chairman of the Prosecution for Appeals of Sana’a Governorate has sought the right of political asylum in view of having to face several intentional attempts of harassment and pressure by some official and prominent figures. These include several attempts against him which were carried out in an open or clandestine manner. It is reported that Al-Sheiba had strong differences with some official and well-known figures, and he and his family have been subjected to very close escapes from death and bodily harm. He was once even intercepted by elements of the security apparatus.

It is worth noting that Al-Sheiba is a judicial personality who has fought diligently to reform the judicial process and has insisted on the independence of the judiciary from any executive authority in a democratic framework. Al-Sheiba is also credited with having freed many prisoners who were arrested without cause and without due process of law. Al-Sheiba was also the prosecutor general representative against the 16 accused secessionists (including Ali Salim Al-Beid) after the 1994 civil war of 1994.
This represents one of the first attempts to seek political asylum by many who have become openly disgruntled by the lack of respect for constitutional rule of law and it is reported that many people who have been faced with similar political difficulties will follow suit.