After the Humiliating 6-1 loss in front of the UAE Olympic Team The Football Association Dismisses Fernandez [Archives:1999/22/Sports]

May 31 1999

In a swift and decisive move, the Yemeni Football Association (YFA) terminated the contract of Mr. Fernandez, coach of the olympic team. The decision was made following the poor performance of the Olympic team in their matches against the UAE and Qatar in the qualifying round to represent Asia in the 2000 Olympic Games. 
The Yemeni Olympic team went through very tough times after consecutive losses to Qatar, 3/0, and the UAE, 6/1. The team is exhausted, frustrated, and without hope as it continues to play in the rest of the qualification games. 
One cannot expect too much from this inexperienced team, especially now that it seems to have lost its spirit. Many sports analysts expressed their disappointment at the poor and unexpected performance. The results were surprising, especially considering that the Yemeni team had done well during its preparatory matches in Kuwait. Although there seems to be a wave of anger at the Brazilian coach due to the extremely terrible results, the actual reason seen by many is the poor conditions of the players and their working environment. They are poorly paid and do not have a proper training program, hence they are not well prepared. However, the easiest excuse and the most logical scapegoat for the defeats is the Brazilian coach, Fernandez. 
It is worth mentioning that the decision to dismiss the coach came after the President of the YFA was devastated by the latest loss to the UAE. He flew to Malaysia after confirming that he will not attend the return match with the UAE. 
It is expected that Dr. Azzam Khaleefa will take over the dury of training the team temporarily. He will be assisted by Salem Abdlrahman and Hassan Abdulhameed for the return matches.