After Weeks of Silence: Adam case seems more complicated [Archives:2000/41/Local News]

October 9 2000

After weeks of absolute confidentiality and silence, the case of serial murderer, Mohammed Adam Omar seems to have taken a new turn especially after contact with the German experts has been stopped and confirmation of a Yemeni expert that fingerprints spotted on the crimes tool was different than those of 15 suspects. In addition, a memorandum from the ministry of Interior of Sudan asserted that Adam had no previous experiences with the other sex.
In yesterdays hearing session it was announced that the long-waited report by the German experts had not yet been received and that all attempts to contact them had been a failure.
During the session, 9 films were displayed showing Adams confessions about the places he had hid his victims in. Director of Criminal Laboratory, Dr. Mohammed Al-Hamdani said that all tests on fingerprints indicated different suspects.
At the end it was decided to hold the next session Sunday next. The court also fixed Tuesday to watch films on the whole process of investigation until now.