After welcoming President Saleh’s amnesty, Al-Jifri confirmsI’ll be coming home [Archives:2003/638/Front Page]

June 2 2003

Yemen Times Staff
Mr. Abdurahman al-Jifri, leader of the Yemen's Sons League Party (RAY) told Yemen Times that sooner or later, he will be coming home. Al-Jifri is among 16 Yemenis who have been pardoned by a presidential decree after they received sentences ranging between imprisonment to death penalty issued against them for their role in the secessionist movement prior to the 1994 civil war.
However, Al-Jifri added he is not aware of any decisions taken by the other 15 who were pardoned.
“Contacts between me and other political independent leaders inside and outside the country have been made to find a unified vision in response to the president's amnesty,” al-Jifri said.
Mr. al-Jifri has welcomed the president's general amnesty decree and confirmed that he will be coming back home as a step taken to quash the decision issued against him and the others.
He described such decisions as, “politically complicated” and that the president's general amnesty is a way to enhance the democratic experience in Yemen.
Al-Jifri is among a few of the 16 mentioned Yemenis who are expected to return to Yemen. So far, observers believe that former vice president Ali Salem Al-Biedh will not be one of them.