Aghabira & Aarooq Charity Opens New Office [Archives:1998/07/Local News]

February 16 1998

The Aghabira and Aarooq Charitable Society is to open its new offices in Sanaa today, Monday February 16th. Inaugurated by Mr. Mohammed Abdu Saeed Anam MP, the President of the society, the event is to be atteneded by a number of senior officials, prominent figures in Yemen society, and a large number of Mr. Anam’s constituents who are staying in Sanaa for this occasion. These new premises will enable the society to better carry out its charitable activities. The previous premises were blown up in bomb explosion which killed three people. Some benevolent people have donated the money for the new building.
More than 60,000 needy people living in and around Constituency #44 in Taiz benefit from the Aghabira and Aarooq Charitable Society. It has two other offices in Taiz and Aden. The Aghabira and Aarooq Charitable Society is one of the most successful and active NGOs in Yemen, for which it has a wide good reputation. This made many Yemen governmental and international organizations.
Mr. Mohammed Abdu Saeed Anam has made greart efforts to make the work of this society a big success. It has achieved a lot in fields of human resource development, social security, the environment, and other important social issues. Rural people, especially children, women, and old people stand to benefit most from the activities of Aghabira and Aarooq Charitable Society. Mr. Anam is characterized by endless energy and numerous activities in serving his fellow citizens and his country. He is a member of several NGOs working to make life better for the Yemeni people.
Imad Ahmed Al-Saqqaf, Yemen Times