Agreement gives Yemeni doctors scholarships to French universities [Archives:2008/1137/Local News]

March 13 2008

By: Hamed Thabet
SANA'A, March, 8 ) Ahmed Abduulrahman Al-Maqtari, a representative of the Yemeni Community Association in France, visited Yemen last week- to arrange medical training scholarships for doctors from Al-Kuwait teaching hospital.

Ten doctors from the hospital have been chosen to receive extra professional training in France for a period of six months to two years. Doctors with knowledge of the French language will be given preference, but doctors who do not speak French will also be considered, as there will be French language courses for them six months before the medical training begins, said Al-Maqtari.

Between 1997 and 2004, an educational agreement between the two countries allowed Yemeni doctors to visit France for training, while the French Universities Union agreed to donate medical supplies and machines to Al-Kuwait hospital. However, in 2004, the arrangement was discontinued when Al-Kuwait hospital staff changed after the death of Dr. Ahmed Dhaifallah, a Yemeni doctor who graduated from a French medical school.

“Now we are here again to try and renew this program to help Yemeni doctors