Agreement on efforts unification to fight trade mafia [Archives:2005/832/Business & Economy]

April 11 2005

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Participants in a training program on quality administration and ISO 2000-9000 have agreed on working for fighting trade mafia that does not believe in specifications and standardization and distance itself from improving production and only seeks profits.

The participants in the meeting have confirmed the necessity that tradesmen should observe the law and commitment to the element of protectionism in order to prolong period of production and coexistence with external trade.

Director-general of the State Authority of specifications and Standardization Abdusallam al- Qamash said the Authority had realized the importance of application of systems of quality administration under the government's orientations towards sustainable development.

Sources of participants in the meeting from the ISO organisation affirmed to Yemen Times that Yemen was facing many big challenges I the industrial area. They added its competition would be weak in external free markets unless there would be development and improvement of its industries quality. On the sidelines of the training program that ended its meetings last week, they also pointed out that Yemen had to develop its industrial capacities to enter external markets with competitive force. The same sources concluded by emphasizing that Yemen was in need of qualify its products, increase its production of good commodities and services that could compete with others and offer the best to the consumer.