Agreement signed between HRITC & RCHS [Archives:2002/29/Local News]

July 15 2002

An agreement between the Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) and the Regional Center for Human Safety (RCHS) was ratified on July 6 at the Jordanian Diplomatic Institute. The agreement includes a joint cooperation plan between the two centers in exchanging experiences, training courses and doing publications. The agreement was signed by Mr. Izzeddin Al Asbahi the head of the HRITC and Dr. Atef Audibat the head of the RCHS in Jorden.
It is worth mentioning that Dr. Audibat visited Yemen last week upon the invitation of the Yemeni Diplomatic Institute and HRITC. He also visited a number of organizations Including the Al Afif Cultural Establishment, the Diplomatic Institute, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.