Agriculture Ministry boost coffee plantation [Archives:2005/863/Business & Economy]

July 28 2005

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation works hard on implementing the coffee project in the governorate of Lahj. The project includes a number of components: irrigation, training of workers, nurseries and production, in addition to post-harvest activities and purchasing a big container for the collection and drying up of the product.

The cost of the project, financed by the French Government, totals 186 million Rials. There are several programs due to be implemented by the joint cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and Sana'a University, represented by Genetic Origins Center at the Faculty of Agriculture.

Precious efforts are exerted for importing pesticides to fight insects that harm coffee which are seen in many coffee-plantation farms destroying the coffee trees. The loss of the coffee product caused by insects can be estimated between 30 and 50%.

The coffee project distributed modern irrigation networks to different coffee-plantation areas in Yaf'e District, Lahj Governorate. 7 coffee nurseries, out of an overall number of 18 nurseries, were established with local finance.