Agriculture office broods to nourish Taiz basin [Archives:2004/760/Local News]

August 2 2004

In a statement to the Yemen Times, Eng. Abdullah Al-Janadi, general manager of Taiz Agriculture and Irrigation Office, said the office has conducted field surveys to make use of rainwater on all sides of the foot of Sabir Mountain.
“Judge Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hajri, Governor of Taiz and the Higher Council, supports the efforts to utilize rainwater in the provision of drinking and irrigation water as well as nourishing the underground water,” he added.
He pointed out that Al-Dhabab and Talooq areas have been surveyed, and places suitable for erecting water facilities have been spotted.
A few days earlier, surveys were being conducted in Haimatin area, and recommendations at the end are expected to be presented to the governorate and the local council. They will be discussed and funding sources will be sought in order to finance the projects for nourishing the Taiz basin.
Some 18 water projects including dams, and barriers, have been constructed, and a vital project is being implemented in Haifan, and another in Al-Madahij, said Eng. Al-Janadi.
These projects mark a noticeable improvement towards lifting up the irrigation sector.
“the Agriculture and Irrigation Office has submitted some 10 studies to the governorate to further its efforts in resolving the water crisis,” he concluded.