Ahli-Sanaa Continue to Leads the Tournament [Archives:1999/25/Sports]

June 21 1999

Ahli-Sanaa stands alone atop in the excellent football league with a huge margin between it and its competitors. It has around 50 points, which leaves them with a 13 point margin from the closest competitor, Shaab Ibb. This came after the victory of 2/nil in their match that was played against Al-Shoula team. Their players Talal Mohammed and Ali Al-Nunu both scored.
It seems that Ahli-Sanaa will be ranked first before the end of six rounds, because the rest of the teams will not be able to reach the 50 point mark. Shaab Ibb won 3/1 in the match played against the Sakr of Taiz. The first goal was scored by Shaab Ibb, with Ali Al-Maitami driving the ball into the goal in the ninth minute of the first half of the match, but Sakr Taiz were able to even the score at the very end of the first half. The second half was dominated by Shaab Ibb, who got eight corner kicks. From those kicks, another goal was was scored by Waleed Al-Nuzaily in the 74th minute, and the third goal was scored by Anwar Aukasha. This victory allowed Shaab Ibb to maintain the second rank with 37 points.
In Mukalla, a match was played between Shaab Hadramout and Al-Hilal of Hodeidah. Shaab Hadramout won the match 1/nil, and raised its overall score to 28 points.
The results of the match played on Saturday between Al-Wahda of Sanaa and Al-Zuhra was ended with a draw, although the match was dominated by the Al-Wahda team.
In Ibb, Itihad Ibb defeated Taliat Taiz 5/1. Itihad had a very strong offensive performance, to go with the weak performance of Taliat-Taiz’s defense.