Ahli Training in Eritrea [Archives:1998/46/Sports]

November 16 1998

The Ahli of Sanaa football team conducted its first test match in a training camp in Asmara, Eritrea on Thursday, November 12. As part of its preparations for the Excellent-Division Football Tournament, the Ahli was defeated by Al-Binaa of Eritrea 1-nil. Al-Binaa is considered one of the best teams in the Eritrea Football League. It won the cup winners’ cup, and often represents Eritrea in African football clubs’ championships.
The Ahli-Binaa test match was attended by the Eritrean Minister of Education and a big number of fans of both teams.
Organizing such a training camp is considered a sign of the re-establishment of good relations between Yemen and Eritrea, following the affirmation of Yemeni sovereignty over the Hunaish Island.
The Ahli of Sanaa is going to play in other test matches with a number of Eritrean teams to be well prepared for the Excellent-Division matches back in Yemen.