Ahli Wins SYC [Archives:1998/48/Sports]

November 30 1998

The Sanaa Youth Championship (SYC), for 19-year-olds, was organized by the Football Association in Sanaa. Al-Zohra, Al-Ahli, Al-Majd, Al-Qadisiya and the Police teams took part. Al-Wahda, Al-Shaab and Al-Yarmook teams withdrew before the championship started.
Al-Ahli and Al-Zohra tied 1-1 last Thursday, November 26. Ahmed Al-Sunidar scored Al-Ahli’s at the 37th minute of the second half. Later Al-Zohra got its tie goal by Mohammed Al-Manbah.
Had Al- Zohra won this match, it would have won the championship. It is left with one match with Al-Qadisiya, which has no points at all. So, Al-Ahli is set to win the SYC before it plays the last match.