Ahmed and his uneducated parents [Archives:2007/1047/Community]

May 3 2007

By: Abdullah Al-Nahdi
[email protected]

In the past there was a small village, it was located in the middle of a big valley. That village was repressed from most necessary needs, electricity, communications, and so on. There was a small bower contained three people Ahmed and his uneducated parents. Their life was so simple. The father was working in his farm and the mother too. The farm was their only living source. Ahmed was loved too much by his parents, and their most care was just to offer him whatever he needed. They have just lonely dream which is seeing their alone son as educated man in the future. The days passed and Ahmed had been grown. He finished his elementary school, but he didn't stop in that educational stage as his friends. The elementary school was the highest educational stage to be reached there. All guys there did not even think about secondary school except one.

Ahmed was the one who was supported by his parents to reach it. The secondary school wasn't far from the village, but for his parents it was so difficult to allow their son go out from the village even to that little far school. Nevertheless, they had to do it, no other choice.

Ahmed carried his bag in his first day, and then he left home with his mother's prayers. All people were saying good bye to Ahmed as he was traveling abroad. At school Ahmed adjusted very well with every thing around him. While he was coming back home, he stopped on a hill looking to his village and he was wondering ''who can I discuss with about my new subjects when ever I want, who can help me whenever I have math problem, how I can study in the evening with out electricity'' at that moment he remembered those two persons who work the whole day under the hot sun rays and pain at night to offer this chance to him. He moved his head up to the sky while the wafts were razing his tears from his cheeks and thanked his god for giving him these kind parents.

Ahned hadn't finishrd his high school, but it was his last year. In that very quite night where the moon was chaining, since it was the only light source in that vallige, Ahmed was lying in his room looking to the moon through the window. He was meditating ,but some thing else intrupted him. It was a crying sound . He tried to find out where the sound was coming from. He looked out through the widow ,but it was coming from the opposite side from inside the house. Ahmd opened his room's door and followed the sound which was getting high while his legs were getting heavy.

He went downdstairs. Suddenelly, he saw someone setting in the stairs. It was his mother, she was covering her face by her hands. Ahmed tried to move her hands then” mom what is the matter? Why you are crying?”” Ahmed said. “”Ahmed