Ahwar Agricultural Association sends distress call [Archives:2003/656/Local News]

August 4 2003

Ahwar Agricultural, multi-purpose association, (AAMA) head, Mohsen Fadhl in Tawil, 91 has recently sent a distress call which he described as SOS, appealing to world governments and world bank.
The AAMA appeal is especially directed to the Arab League and president Ali Abdullah Saleh in addition to Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.
The appeal has mentioned several points mainly that the district of Ahwar in Abyan governorate had in 1994 been affected by flood catastrophes that swept and destroyed all agricultural irrigation installations and facilities which are estimated at 1500 acres of area, along the Wadi from the Fuwad Dam in the North downward to sea and at a depth of 4 meters.
It added that the flood swept irrigation installations and canals and dam of Hanadh in addition to modern installations and facilities .
The flood of 1994 has got an appalling memory like the flood of Noah.
The appeal complained that despite the elapse of about ten years since the catastrophic flood, nothing has been done and the situation has exacerbated.
The minister of agriculture had on December 21, 1994 directed the manager of Tihama Development Project, Eng. Ibrahim Abduljabbar Al-Dowmi and his team to go on a field inspection to the afflicted area for verification and assessment of the damage caused by the floods to Wadi Ahwar.
Following the arrival of the team to Ahwar and checking the damage, the team summed up its report which was redacted on January, 5, 1995.
The letter of appeal has in conclusion given summery of the report raised by the inspection team to the president and prime minister.
The requirements included:
– Construction of a major dam in order to deter the floods at the north of Fuwad Dam at a distance of 40km from it.
– Reparation of swept soil of an area of 1500 km.
– Cutting and eliminating of Musket trees and Saysaban.
– reparation and restoring of Fuwad Dam.
– Reparation of water distribution canals to all the land plots.