Aidarous Death Anniversary Observed [Archives:2000/29/Local News]

July 17 2000

Last Friday, July 13, Aden celebrated the death anniversary of Imam Abubakr Ben Abdulla Al-Aidrous. In form of a holy fair, the procession started from the residence of Mansab of Aden and proceeded to the famous Al-Aidrous Mosque. The procession was led by distinguished mystics. Religious sermons, orations and preachings were held to mark the occasion.
Imam Al-Aidrous was born in the year 1447 in Tareem town in Hadhramaut Province. He obtained his religious education there. After pilgrimage in the Hijra year 888, he came to Aden.
In his Friday sermon, a Shaikh Abubakr Ben Ali Al-Mashoor urged that the real meaning and importance of this fair should be clearly understood in order to imbibe the great deeds and indelible landmarks of the mystics.