AIDS training aims to increase awareness [Archives:2006/948/Local News]

May 22 2006

Taiz, May 20 ) The Preliminary Healthcare Society (PHS) held a training course on AIDS precautions under the supervision of National Program for AIDS Combating and in cooperation with Yemeni Society for AIDS Precautions. A foreign aid agency funded the course.

Dr. Abdunnaser Al-Kabab, Manager of Taiz Health Office, said the training aims to increase health awareness in society. He said that every citizen should promote the awareness of reproductive health issues within their family and community.

Giving a speech on the occasion, Mohamed Arfan, NPAC Coordinator, emphasized the importance of establishing coordination among civil society organizations, public health and population organizations, and the social affairs and labor ministries as another way of heightening awareness among Yemenis about the risk of AIDS.

According to Arfan, at least five courses on AIDS, other sexually communicable diseases, and general health issues have been held in various Yemeni governorates so far.