AIDS widespread in Yemen [Archives:2003/639/Local News]

June 5 2003

Press sources mentioned last week that AIDS has spread dramatically and awfully in Yemen and become a ghost threatening the society and a danger that makes a surprise attack on healthy people everywhere.
Al-Ahram Arab magazine, said: “Experts hope that there will not be increase in the invisible AIDS cases starting from the declared estimates by the Yemeni Public Health Ministry that says that around 150 sexually-infected cases are registered every year”
According to UN estimates Yemen is considered a low rated country concerning the spread of AIDS where the number of infected people does not exceed the above- mentioned.”
The paper further said: “The Yemeni Public Health Ministry report points out that the number of all infected cases recorded till 2000 is still limited compared to other areas and the real size of AIDS spreading is still unknown as there are no reliable studies to specify the extent of the disease spread.”
It is alleged that the Yemeni government deliberately does not disclose the real number of AIDS cases in the country. Moreover, Yemen has not examined incomers to the country, besides the lack of medical devices for checking up citizens and foreign employees. In addition, concerned bodies have not paid enough attention to follow up women and employees cases at nightclubs and hotels or even the servants, who are in thousands, coming from Africa to work in Yemen.