Aiming to Care for Our Elderly in These Difficult Times The Ministry of Health Celebrates the International Health Day for the Elderly [Archives:1999/16/Health]

April 19 1999

The Health Minister, Dr. Abdullah Abdulwali Nashir, opened the gathering with a welcoming speech to all participators and attendants. In his speech he mentioned this day as a day when we honor the elderly and encourage them to continue their life and their active and important role in society. He also added, “Elderly people are our parents. Our religion, Islam has always encouraged us to take good care of them, and to provide them with all they need to live a happy and healthy life.” The minister also called for all welfare associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to contribute to the government’s efforts to build several health care centers in Sanaa and in other Yemeni governorates. He also pledged them to try their utmost to help the elderly cope with life in the difficult conditions our country is going through. The minister expressed gratitude to the World Health Organization (WHO) for its humanitarian role in society, and for its strong support for all health, cultural, and educational activities in Yemen. 
Following the welcome speech, the representative of WHO, Dr. Mohamed Al-Khateeb gave a statement thanking the Ministry of Health -in spite of its economic difficulties- for its tangible efforts in trying to enhance and improve health services for the elderly. He also stated that elderly people should never be neglected or ignored, but should always be cared for because they are an important part in society. 
Mr. Seyf Al-Shamy, the Manager of the Cultural and Health National Center also gave a welcoming speech to all of the guests and indicated that most elderly Yemenis are still working in their fields, and are still serving society in numerous ways. He also asked media organizations to give greater coverage to this issue, and asked them to try and spread awareness among Yemenis of the importance of providing help and caring for the elderly, who are an indispensable part of society. At the end of the gathering, the Minister, along with the participants including the UNDP and WHO distributed various gifts to guests attending the gathering.