Air pollution costs Yemen US $100 millions [Archives:2007/1036/Health]

March 26 2007

SANA'A, March, 14- Diseases due to air Pollution cost Yemen US $100 millions yearly, the water and environment minister, Abdul Al-Eryani said on Wednesday.

“Human exposures to hazardous agents in the air, water, soil are major contributors to illness, disability, and death. Deterioration of environmental conditions slows sustainable development tremendously in our country. A serious and hazardous environmental toxin is lead. The single most important source of human exposure to lead is lead aerosol formed by the combustion of lead antiknock additives in gasoline.” Said the minister in a conference titled “”National Commitment Building to Phase out Leaded Gasoline in Yemen. He confirming that Yemen is one of the remaining 18 countries worldwide still using leaded gasoline.. “”

He emphasized the importance of putting environmental policies into action to reduce air pollution