Al-Ahdal confesses funding role of Cole and Limburg explosions [Archives:2003/696/Front Page]

December 22 2003

By Hassan al-Zaidi
Sources close to bodies conducting investigations with Hamdi Mohammed Hamdon al-Ahadal known as “Abu Assim” who was captured in late November have said he had made confessions regarding the terrorist attacks on the USS Cole and the French super oil tanker Limburg, confirming his being in charge of technical and financial preparations of the two explosions.
The sources further said that Al-Ahdal had received money remittances from Yemenis and non-Yemeni persons inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and that he had supervised spending the sums of money in those and other operations.
Saudi parties have taken part in the investigations with al-Ahdal with the aim of getting more information on persons who were buying weapons that had been transported from Yemen to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through terrorists.
Al-Ahdal had also confessed of technically and financially supervision over other smaller operations and that he had received money transfers in small installments in order to avoid suspicion about recipients and those receiving the money.