Al-Ahli and the Golden Championship [Archives:2000/20/Sports]

May 15 2000

Al-Ahli club, the leader of Yemeni clubs secured the first position of primer leagues, 2000. The players did a great performance by achieving incomparable result. They proved that they deserved this win. Players, staff and supporters of Al-Ahli club achieved the first championship in the third millennium. Their performance highly distinctive. They did not achieve this position by chance, but it was well deserved result. It was a successful win under the leadership of captain Mohammed Abdul’elah Al-Ghadi. They overcame difficulties faced by them during the forth match. It was a wonderful match as we heard cheers by supporters who came to encourage the Al-Ahli club. They came to express their love for the empire of Yemeni ball. These were memorable moments as we saw players wear golden medals.
General Manager of the club, Captain Hafiz Mayad stood behind the scenes, marshalling his energy to reach this remarkable feat. We must not forget the role of captain Anwar Jassam who distinguished himself as a successful coach. He led the team to this great win.
Finally, we can say that the team earned what he sowed. It achieved the primer leagues championship. Their celebration with this win coincides with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Yemeni unity. Congratulations to Al-Ahli club on winning the gold medal, to Attalya’a on winning the silver medal, to Wahdat Sana’a on winning the bronze medal and hard luck to Shab Hadramout.
By Abdulsalam Al-Soudi