Al-Ahmar declares session overHeated arguments over report on gas project [Archives:2005/853/Front Page]

June 23 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
SANA'A – June 21- Heated controversies and debates took place among MPs leading Sheikh Abdullah al-Ahmar Speaker of the Parliament to declare the session over.

The Controversies were about to develop into quarrels inside the Parliament after a report on situations and developments of gas project presented by the Oil and Minerals Committee. The report was arbitrarily read out as the MPs were discussing the law of jobs and wages.

The controversies were initiated when Yasser al-Awadhi a MP and Vice President of the ruling People's General Congress Parliamentary Bloc objected to the Parliament Speaker's agreement to read out the report of the Oil and Minerals Committee while the session was assigned for discussing another issue.

Al-Awadhi attacked the Parliament Speaker saying: “this is wrong and there are many reports that have not yet been discussed in spite of listing them in the Parliament agenda.

He added: “we want the Parliament to discuss one subject in a session even once.

Al-Awadhi's criticism inflamed objection of MPs Hussein al-Ahmar, the son of Sheikh Abdullah al-Ahmar and a member of the People's General Congress Bloc at the Parliament, since it harms his father.

Another heated argument took place when MP Mohammad al-Sha'ef accused the oil report of being incomplete and faulty and this led Hamid al-Ahmar a member at the Oil and Minerals Committee to respond to al-Sha'ef, “this does not concern you”. The argument was about to develop into a quarrel at the Parliament compelling Sheikh Abdullah al-Ahmar to declare the session over.

Some MPs believe there was no need for opposing reading the oil report that only consists of four pages.

They added numerous reports were read in several sessions without any objection, the last of which was the report of Media and Culture Committee on Monday June 20.

Chairing the session, Sheikh Abdullah al-Ahmar stressed that his reading the report does not mean an objection to discussing the law of jobs and wages. He emphasized there are many notes from various parties that should be studied and comprehended.

Some Oil and Minerals Committee members affirmed that reading and discussing the oil report in this phase is very important and they fear the government may sign an contract of gas sale while the Parliament in vacation, particularly the government announced it will sign a contract for gas sale with Total and another company.

The report of the Oil and Minerals Committee revealed that revenues Yemen is about to get by signing the gas sale contract will be disappointing.

The government did not fulfill a previous recommendation stipulating that the Oil and Minerals Committee should present a report on the project every sex months.

The report showed the prices included in the gas sale agreement are 50% less than the international gas prices and this means Yemeni will suffer a heavy loss.