Al-Ahqaf University launches electronic library [Archives:2008/1119/Local News]

January 10 2008

HADRAMOUT, Jan. 7 ) Al-Ahqaf University has launched an electronic library project to obtain transcripts, printings and scientific research.

General supervisor Zain Salem says the library contains several electronically photocopied transcripts, some original manuscripts and electronic and print indexes – both in and out of print – as well as some master's and doctoral theses, in addition to rare and old book editions.

He continued, noting that the electronic library contains more than 3,030 electronic manuscripts (the rest will be added later), 13 original manuscripts and 1,027 electronic books, of which 12 are electronic indexes.

Salem stressed that the electronic library contains 107 original indexes of printings and manuscripts from libraries worldwide, seven master's and doctoral theses and seven editions of old and rare printings.

Such books and manuscripts are photocopied by the team from Al-Ahqaf University's electronic library. The books and editions come from public and private libraries including Al-Mehdhar, Ba-Sudan, Ba-Junaid and Al-Shehr, among others.

Some photocopied manuscripts are purchased from libraries such as Al-Zaidiya, Al-Hashimi, Al-Thari, Al-Hadi, and A'nthari, and Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in Egypt, as well as from other libraries all over the world.

Al-Ahqaf University's team indexes original and electronic manuscripts and then installs them in PDF format, first photocopying the materials and then accessing them with PDF programs.