Al-Ameen Trilogy: Legend, Man and Environment [Archives:1997/50/Culture]

December 15 1997

An exhibition of the Yemeni artist Abdullah Al-Ameen was held at the French Cultural Center in Sanaa on December 1st. The exhibition was preceded by a seminar which attracted some people who came to value his works.  Aden-born Abdullah Al-Ameen, 43, is a plastic artist, with a masters degree in applied arts and a diploma in renovating paintings from the former Soviet Union. He participated in several exhibitions in different countries, in the Arab World and abroad. He won the Gold Sail prize in Kuwait in 1987.  His paintings give importance to legend, man and the environment. As a cultured person, Al-Ameen is inspired by the life of the common people of his country. His works have a sense of a revolution against the present situation, which gives, to one who watches his paintings, an impression that Al-Ameen, with his absurdity, means ambition and imagination. He says, ” I aim to express some of my feelings and memories through paintings.”Al-Ameen is inspired by legend, tradition, architecture, religious ceremonies, the sun, the new moon, birds, fish, mermaids, etc.